Date: June 2017
Client: The United Nations

The Problem

There are more than 65.6 million people currently displaced by conflict or persecution. It is an issue so big and complex that it is difficult for the public to see how they can make a difference.  

For more than 60 years, The Fund for Peace (FFP) has worked to reduce conflict all around the world, but with people becoming apathetic to the suffering of millions, FFP needed an idea that would create cut through and position the problem in a different way.  

The Idea

Every year, the Forbes Top 100 World’s Rich List is published to celebrate the world’s richest people, so we decided to shine a light on the suffering of the people at the other end of the list, by creating The Bottom 100.

We created a collection of 100 powerful stories, captured by a global team of photographers and journalists, spanning five continents and 23 nationalities.

We approached news and media outlets who covered the Forbes list and asked them to balance things up by promoting our list too. The response was incredible, with coverage in, The Huffington Post and CNN,  our posters featured in Times Square and we even landed the front page of the influential Vatican magazine L'Osservatore Romano.



The campaign achieved a global reach of  196,000,000 and achieved 70,755,609 media impressions with $0 spend. Fund for Peace saw a 4440% increase in social engagement and now has an an annual way to draw attention to the faces and stories from the other end of the world’s rich list